Te Tipua School

                                  '  A rural choice for your whanau'

VISION :  Inspiring confident, caring learners to strive for excellence.

Mission:  'Pursue the highest peaks' - whaia te taumata

 2020 we worked hard to become an enviro school.

We did a lot of small projects like: See a bean grow, go on a spider and web hunt, we made bees wax wraps, find different textures in nature, we made leaf art, watched a show about waste free Wanda, we learned about worms and made small wormeries.

We also grew our own veggies donated by my little garden project from New World.  We went on a trip to Waimumu downs and helped plant lots of plants and learned about pests.  We learned how to dig and clean our potatoes that we had planted and how to make a yummy salad with veggies from our own garden.

On June 30th 2021 this year we were presented with our Bronze Award.

Now we are working towards our Silver award.  We have 3 main projects going on next year.

1. Keep looking after all the plants we have planted on grandparents/planting day.  Make stakes with English and maori names.

2. Grow our own veggies and make a plan how to include the community and make some money?  Buy more seeds with that to keep it going?

3. Design the chicken area with chicken coop.  What do we want to achieve? How can we include the community?  Sell eggs?  Buy chicken food with money?


We have to make a vision map for in the hall way so that visitors can see what our plan are.  In the library we will make a big tree with branches (with guiding principles) and leaves that represent what we are doing now.