VISION : Inspiring confident, caring learners to strive for excellence.

Mission: 'Pursue the highest peaks' - whaia te taumata

Te Tipua Primary School is a full primary school, situated in a small rural community in Eastern Southland. The School has been in existence for over 100 years changing from its original location in 1906. In 1996, Waimumu School combined with Te Tipua School at our site, on the intersection of the Glencoe – Winton Highway and Te Tipua School Road. The school buildings are set amidst landscaped grounds and playing fields, which provide a very pleasant setting for learning to occur.

The school is 20 minutes from Gore, which is the main town in Eastern Southland and provides a wide range of support services for the surrounding farming communities.

Te Tipua/Waimumu are strong farming communities, with many families being on family farms, which were settled following World War Other families live in the local towns of Gore and Matura; choosing a rural school for their children’s education. The Community is very supportive of the school and are extremely active in supporting their children and school events.




Achieving excellence through:

Responsibility – to be answerable, to be trustworthy and accountable for your own actions. Aiming high. Perseverance.

Respect – to treat with courtesy: to hold in high regard, to care about yourself and others, being tolerant of others, being fair in a team. Care for environment and community.

Kindness – to help, show concern for others and be friendly to others.

Honesty – to be truthful to others, yourself, doing what’s right regardless of who is around, being someone others can trust.

For these values to have meaning, and for students to have ownership, students, and their families, provided their understandings. These understandings have been incorporated within the school’s Hauora (well being).


Term 1: Monday 4 February - Friday 12 April

Term 2: Monday 29 April – Friday 5 July

Term 3: Monday 22 July – Friday 27 September

Term 4: Monday 14 October – Wednesday 18 December

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